By Andy

All this talk about fitness and facials has brought up some trending topics like: What kind of skincare products should I put in my gym bag? Well the main focus is to keep the skin properly ventilated,  prevent odor, and shower without losing moisture. There are so many fun and easy ways to keep a healthy glow instead of a melted mess across your face. After all, you might meet someone at the gym! How many times have you ran into a “potential” or even better--a former “situashionship” mid-workout at these social clubs we call gyms?  A healthy fresh glow is EXACTLY what we would like to be wearing while shaking hands with our past or possible future.



Today’s market for training apparel has skyrocketed in every retail store from Meijer to Lululemon. One key feature to look for is cool-wick technology. The ability to allow the dampness of sweat to dry during your workout will aid in staying fresh WHILE you train instead of transforming into a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria is exactly what causes odor--not sweat.


Also, I have found natural deodorants that contain baking soda are perfect for swiping along all skin-creases (not just your underarms). My only disclaimer is that baking soda used under the arms daily will cause hyperpigmentation in most cases for ethnic skin. Yikes! The baking soda is just too strong for everyday use (I will spare you my collection of pictures from case studies). However, between the thighs and/or bikini-line could benefit from a thin layer to prevent odor causing bacteria and reduce cystic acne.


Skip the impulse to carry full sized anything to the gym unless you are leaving it in a locker overnights. Travel size bottles of your personal care products are a must when packing your gym bag. If you can’t buy the travel size version, make your own! Empty 4 ounce bottles are sold at big box retailers like Target in the aisle where travel size toiletries are sold. Just fill your with your prefered cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Before you leave the aisle, throw a small cornstarch body powder and facial towelettes in your basket as well. Thank me later.


Lastly, I recommend packing a moisturizing body bar. No packaging. No spillage. No brainer. Rub the bar directly on your post-shower skin and store in the cool reusable tin (Baby Belly Bar, Peacock Room Detroit).  Look at you...saving a tree or two. Now zip up your bag and get your fine self back to work feeling like a million bucks.