Goal Diggin'


Let’s talk about sustaining our New Year goals because quite frankly we have to,

right? If intentions are not set you are sailing in the wind completely to someone

else’s steering. We can’t control the wind but dammit if I don’t even try to steer

my own ship! Great goal setting starts with centering yourself from within.

Where in this world are you in the least bit passionate? How can intentions steer

you toward personal fulfillment? Lastly, what is a starting point of action you can

take today?

If you are looking for a way to allow internal guidance try this new technique

called #blindfoldedyoga. I know it sounds very Bird Box-ish but please stay with

me. Bird Box has become the new trigger word for us all who suffered through

this Netflix drama followed by endless memes on social media. However, blind

folded yoga is a game changer if you’re ready to realize next level body

alignment. With eyes closed feel your shoulders rest back as your inhale tucks

lower back for a strong out breath. Pick a simple yoga pose that does not

require a lot balance to start like down dog-> table -> mountain pose sequence.

Focus on breathing and body alignment. Was that not amazing?!

May your intentions for 2019 respect the current of the soverign winds and your

head create an action plan that aligns with your heart. Now get those hands to

work and grab your dreams.