5 Facial Hacks

So you decided to book a facial but not sure which one to choose?

Well let me reassure you, choosing a facial is not a test! Not knowing which facial will serve you best is exactly why estheticians like me share an entire industry to serve your individual needs.


Skip the guesswork and come ready to relax with my top five tips to improve your facial experience.

  1. Dress for success. Wear comfortable layers that can be removed leaving your arms, shoulders and decollaté completely bare.

  2. Snap a picture of your skin care products. Let your esthetician know what your routine looks like so s/he gets a fuller picture of your skin profile than just looking.

  3. Arrive 15 minutes early. Room for margin is always a good idea. The last thing you want is to be rushing to your spa appointment with nowhere to park and no idea where the restrooms are located. 

  4. Snooze your smartphone. Do not disturb is a wonderful feature that will only allow important calls to come through. Furthermore, let your people know you'll be unavailable for one hour. So go ahead and take your smartwatch off. Silence is golden.

  5. Detach. Now that you have nowhere to be and your tribe knows you are getting pampered, allow your mind to clear of your worries for the moment. It's a great time to practice mediation or just focusing on your breath. 

Fitness & Facials Recap!!

The highlight was the post-workout conversations about what challenges we face with our fitness goals and how DIET is the hardest part to get under control. Friends were educated on their individual skin-care needs after receiving a 10 minute steam facial massage. Powered-up with tips and motivation to have a successful week! 

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Slay. Refresh. Repeat.

By Andy

It’s funny how something so simple as washing your face can instantly bring a sense of calm and redirect us back to center. Whether it is rinsing the day off and watching it stream down the drain or starting the day with a refreshing splash of “I can do this”. After pat-drying with a towel, you know the chant we all instinctively make--AAAAHHHH. Feels good. Face washing comes in second place right there under teeth brushing.

For my tribe, it is a moment of self-care that simply addresses our current needs. Yesterday it was washing off an engagement party, curriculum night at my daughter’s school, and Woodward construction residue from my daily commute. I let go of the day and give back to myself all in a matter of five minutes. Here are some ways you can create your own daily home spa vibe:


  1. Add a fresh cut flower in a small vase near your sink

  2. A scented candle with a lighter nearby

  3. Pick up a few river stones or marbles to put at the bottom of your sink

  4. Keep your home spa (a.k.a bathroom) clean and tidy everyday

  5. Frame a short affirmation or word, ex: “Smile”

    Bonus: A Bluetooth speaker with some of your favorite jamz!