Slay. Refresh. Repeat.

By Andy

It’s funny how something so simple as washing your face can instantly bring a sense of calm and redirect us back to center. Whether it is rinsing the day off and watching it stream down the drain or starting the day with a refreshing splash of “I can do this”. After pat-drying with a towel, you know the chant we all instinctively make--AAAAHHHH. Feels good. Face washing comes in second place right there under teeth brushing.

For my tribe, it is a moment of self-care that simply addresses our current needs. Yesterday it was washing off an engagement party, curriculum night at my daughter’s school, and Woodward construction residue from my daily commute. I let go of the day and give back to myself all in a matter of five minutes. Here are some ways you can create your own daily home spa vibe:


  1. Add a fresh cut flower in a small vase near your sink

  2. A scented candle with a lighter nearby

  3. Pick up a few river stones or marbles to put at the bottom of your sink

  4. Keep your home spa (a.k.a bathroom) clean and tidy everyday

  5. Frame a short affirmation or word, ex: “Smile”

    Bonus: A Bluetooth speaker with some of your favorite jamz!