What’s Your Skin Story?

By Andy


Once upon a time I read about a story of a special tea ceremony with handmade bowls irregularly shaped w/ uneven glaze and cracks. Bowls cracked from normal use are welded with pure gold. If you have ever held porcelain in your hands , you can just feel the delicate quality of a simple cup or bowl. This ritual of purity and simplicity reminds me of our unique skin stories of gold.


Great skin-care stories are not about seeking perfection; it is about self-care through our life’s seasons. One major characteristic of being alive is to experience growth and change. Support during the growth process of the skin constantly breaking down and recreating itself is the key. You are involved in the creation of your skin story. Cumulative factors of water, diet, rest, sweat, and stress management can support our personal best. Striving toward our personal best, not perfection, is where the magic happens. We begin to see and feel ourselves without judgement. Apply the love in the cracks where needed.


Our skin is like the porcelain bowl. Delicate yet resilient in its reproductive nature. A crack a wrinkle or a blemish filled with gold is arguably more alluring in complexity as we age. Owning our own cracks empowers our sense of self; It reminds us where we are vulnerable and possibly where we made need help.


What makes me a great esthetician is that my skin is imperfect. This gift has given me the opportunity to understand imbalances and observe the healing process. I have served as one step in hundreds of people's journey using my knowledge on applied skin-care and lifestyle habits that support healthy skin growth and repair. Depending on where you are from, society will define beauty as a set of certain characteristics that may influence your skin’s identity. What if we left the definition of beauty open to the individual?  breaking the cycle of validation from anything outside of yourself. Try this exercise:


“I feel beautiful when ______________________.”   -You

Sometimes our answers may appear paradoxical. Every skin story contains a beautiful paradox or two….or one hundred…. But isn’t that life?